Psychadelic Horseshit ~ Shitgaze Anthems ~ 5/11/09 ~ Woodsist


“If we could think clearly at all/what the hell is going on” a lyric from ‘Dreadlock Paranoia’ that sums this listening experience up. You may not know what the hell is going on and clear thinking is difficult at times because the sonic blitzkrieg (‘Ad Infinity’) these guys bring – but who need to think or know when the record shows Psychedelic Horseshit has just dropped a seething killer on us. ‘Are you on Glass’ is too much fun to miss.


I wrote music in college too, but then grew out of it to write good music. The words are witty, but seem a little forced at times. I don’t see myself listening to this again.


Peaches ~ I Feel Cream ~ 5/5/09 ~ XL Recordings


The track, “I Feel Cream” is boring. HOWEVER, the rest of the album is the Peaches who we all have come to love or hate depending on your status in the music community.

Magik Markers ~ Balf Quarry ~ 5/5/09 ~ Drag City


Magik Markers is psychotic. Slyly psychotic. They’re the kind of psychotic that gains your trust before betraying you. ‘Balf Quarry’ is threatening and inviting, alarming and soothing, simply calculated, sometimes scary. It’s a good bit of drone noise and electric guitar experimentation stoner rock. The lyrics made this for me – the music gets boring at times. I’ll try it again at the end of the year.


First track I just heard psychedelic stoner noise, like Bardo Pond–I thought it was last the whole album. Next track, far more involved. I like her voice. I don’t know, it’s really mid-90s college radio to me. I don’t hate it, but I don’t see myself recommending this to anyone.

Double Dagger ~ More ~ 5/5/09 ~ Thrill Jockey



A refreshing record, in that, I thought we were totally passed this sound. I did not expect at all that this was still happening. I was excited to see such an old horse still busy at work. Double Dagger is really good emo. It was like seeing a freak show – who is still working on emo?? Double Dagger is. They’ve got good feeling and a big furious sound and you’ll think back fondly on your hardcore dance-floor days, singing your heart out and fighting up for a mic. It’s that kind of emo. So, you get the picture. If you want to relieve your first pit experiences this is the place to do it. Me, I checked out a long time ago. Great album but I’d never listen to it again.


I appreciate that this is a fuzzy recording unlike many current fuzzy recordings. This album seems to be able to demonstrate the noisiness of each instrument instead of fuzzing out a master track (which is what most everyone else’s stuff sounds like this year whether they actually do that or not). This is not my style but I do think that this isn’t a bad album. The words are a little embarrassing at times, but the voice is so low into the mix, you can ignore the content enough to rock out.

Eels ~ Hombre Lobo: 12 Songs of Desire ~ 6/2/09 ~ Vagrant


Kinda real regular sounding. Kind of Beck-esque in a distracting way.

Sonic Youth ~ The Eternal ~ 6/9/09 ~ Matador Records



It’s kind of regular, but not bad. I’m glad it’s not bad.


Nothing new from your favorite band of ‘pioneers’. It’s far less embarrassing then their last two efforts – which is a positive review. My official is the same review I’ve been giving for too many SY albums in recent years: “More Kim, Less Thurston would solves this records problems”. Maybe I should stick to Free Kitten albums. Do reviews really matter with a band as big as SY? The fans will support their artists, completists will be driven by sickness to purchase the latest, and people who don’t know will continue to not know. Unless we get another hit – like ‘Incinerate’. Why so negative? In short – you’ve already heard this album / you already enjoyed it/ this time the words are different/ still SY.

Metric ~ Fantasies ~ 4/14/09 ~ Last Gang


If Ladytron knew how to write songs they might be Metric. Beside wanting to take a cheap shot at Ladytron, I’d like to note that Metric isn’t really my style. I think there might be a few pretty good songs on here, but I don’t know. The singer’s sound is readily replaceable and lines like “cupid stuck me with a sickness” and “pull your arrows out and let me live my life” in the track “Sick Muse” don’t really appeal to me and I doubt anyone else I know would tolerate that kind of talk. If you are into stock imagery and generic content, I might be able to help you by recommending this, but I can’t. I just don’t see myself putting this on ever again.